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About the authors

This booklet was produced as part of a large-scale European project that provides open access educational resources to schools across Europe: Open Discovery Space (ODS).

Since 2012, the ODS initiative has learned from the real world approaches of teachers, educational leaders and policymakers as they collaborate to realize technology-rich innovation prompted by the ODS work. The contents of this booklet are based on the model of innovation that underlies the ODS work. This model was initially conceived of to structure the ODS activities, and has evolved in light of lessons learned as the project unfolds. The model describes key phases of change (stimulating, trials, incubating, scenarios and accelerating) as well as implications for various key stakeholders.

Project coordination
Open discovery space is co-coordinated by Intrasoft
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Previous versions
Previous versions of this booklet are available upon request

Authoring team
The authors of this booklet have been working on various tasks within the ODS project.
Their affiliations represent many of the 51 partners in the consortium.

Susan McKenney (UTwente‐3)

Alan Bruce (ULS‐28)
Alexandros Kofteros (OU CY‐33)
Anna Mavroudi (OU C‐33)
Ard Lazonder (UTwente‐3)
Argiris Tzikopoulos (EA‐2)
Christian M. Stracke (UDE‐12)
Christos Ragiadakos (PI‐36)
Danijela Ljubojević (BMU‐35)
Eleni Chelioti (EA-­‐2)
Henny Leemkuil (UTwente‐3)
Juanma Dodero (UCA‐29)
Katerina Riviou (EA‐2)

Kirstiina Rattasepp (MIKSIKE‐26)
Manuel Palomo (UCA‐29)


Maria Fragkaki (OU CY‐33)
Maria Luìsa Almeida (NUCLIO‐25)
Mihkel Pilv (MIKSIKE‐26)
Neil O’Sullivan (ULS‐28)
Orlin Kouzov (BG NRA‐42)
Rosa Doran (NUCLIO‐25)
Snežana Marković (BMU‐35)
Sofoklis Sotiriou (EA‐2)
Stephanos Cherouvis (E­‐2)
Susan McKenney (UTwente‐3)
Thanasis Hadzilacos (OU CY‐33)
Thomas Richter (UDE‐12)
Ton DeJong (UTwente‐3)




This booklet was produced via the Open Discovery Space project, partially funded by the European Commission CIP PSP Grant agreement 297229.